You’ve invested time and money into perfecting your landscape, don’t let it get lost in the dark! Professionally installed LED lighting emphasizes the beauty of your landscape and makes your outdoor living area safe and functional well after sunset. Our team selects only the best low-voltage LED light fixtures to suite your style and budget, and we always focus on quality, longevity, and efficiency.

Accent Lighting

Outdoor accent lighting is a great way to incorporate character and safety into your landscape. Consider several forms of accent lighting if you'd like to:

• Add visual interest and ambiance
• Highlight textures and architecture
• Illuminate dark areas

Path Lighting

Path lighting is versatile and can add charm and security to your landscape. These lights help to outline and define steps, walkways, and patio perimeters so they aren’t cloaked in darkness. Path lights are great if you want to:

• Enhance home security
• Improve curb appeal
• Mark path boundaries
• Improve safety and reduce liability

Custom Lighting

The best thing about custom lighting is the endless possibilities! This form of lighting can serve as an artistic element, an illumination device, or both. Have an idea in mind? Let’s make it happen! Here are a few

• Address signs
• Mailbox posts
• Statement pieces

Ask about our easy-to-use automated lighting systems!

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