Textured plantings

Most blooms may fade during summer and the first weeks of fall, but you can keep your yard, garden, and planters going with textured plantings. Privilege Landscaping experts suggest mums (traditional in fall); ornamental kales, cabbage, and peppers; and snapdragons, pansies, and grasses. Together, these bring texture and color to a garden bed that might otherwise start to look brown as fall progresses.

Succulents are also a great option, outdoors in appropriate climates and indoors for most everywhere else. They’ll stay green and growing all year long, so they’re a great option for fall planting.

Consider jewel tones

Spring and summer may be time for pastels and tropical colors, but fall 2019 is a great time for jewel tones (in addition to classic fall colors such as red, yellow, and orange). Try incorporating sapphire blue, emerald green, and amethyst purple into outdoor spaces with container gardens, outdoor furnishings and accessories, and seasonal plantings; for curb appeal that looks modern and on-trend, jewel tones will do the trick, according to predictions from Privilege Landscaping.

Keep outdoor spaces cozy

In all but the coolest climates, outdoor spaces are still fully usable for most of fall; with a few easy touches, they’re positively cozy. Privilege Landscaping experts suggest considering features that feel unnecessary during summer, such as fire pits or other fire features, pergolas with canopies and heating systems, and comfortable seating with plenty of outdoor-appropriate blankets. During warmer months, they’re easily put away or ignored; when it’s cooler, they mean the difference between sitting outside comfortably and retreating indoors.